Strange issue when copying between two usb devices

Hi guys,

I’m using the WD TV Live attached to a WD hard-drive. I also connected an USB stick to it (16GB) and used the file management feature to copy some files from the HDD to the stick. I then wanted to play those files on my other place, WD TV. Strangely-enough, the files wouldn’t play (unsupported format, bla bla bla). Please note that these same files used to run just fine on my wd tv and now on my wd tv live. So, I opened my computer, copied the files from the stick to the computer and then back on the stick and now it works. This happens every time, so it wasn’t a freak accident. What’s going on? Is the WD TV LIVE saving the files in a way that the WD TV isn’t understanding?


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The Live puts a WD file/folder on a local drive it uses for media cataloging and I do believe this particular file isn’t compatible with other versions of the player.  You can try deleting this file, but in general you’re better off only using the same local drive with each media player type.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunatelly I don’t think that’s the problem. Copying a single AVI file from the USB stick to my PC and then back on the USB stick, made this single file playable, while the rest remain unplayable.