Strange folders

My HUB has 2 “strange” folders: found.000 and found.001. What is this? May I remove it?

You must have run a scan on the Hub HDD.  These are fragments of files from that experience and you may delete them (since you have no idea what they are!).  They could be from damaged media files, but again – who knows what it is, so delete them.

Thanks Mike. I will remove it observe it.

I think it’s important to note, they are usually created as a result of either power failure, or not properly ejecting the hdd first

you should always safely remove/eject a hard drive before disconnecting it from the WD or from a PC

if you don’t you run a high chance of files like this, which as mike said, are part of files that are corrupted

I do think they are only created by Windows scanning the disk for errors and pulling the fragments out and naming them found.000.  At least that is what Windows scan says if there are errors; you will find them named found.000.

yes, windows scan can create these as well

and come to think of it

linux will usually name the files begining with a . dot

so a hidden file instead of folder

Its actually the HUB that does it.

I have not had one of the drives with this folder on it connected to a PC in years, but the file check is recent.

There are a couple of articles in here about it.

I have had these a couple of times and the folder contained recently deleted items (deleted a few minutes before a power cut in both cases) 

They were created by the HUB as wdtvhub says.

yeah, is what happens

when a file is opened, or in use

it’s loaded into the drives buffer

then when the system tries to close out the file handle

if the file was deleted

power cut

not ejected properly from system

etc …

when it’s tries to flush the buffer there’s no where to put the data

so it’s creates a new file

Bottom line:  the file is junk, so delete it.