Strange Folder appearing in Download partition: _PWF6A~D - cannot be deleted: "error 0x8007010B"


there is a folder appearing in the download partition: “_PWF6A~D”. I can see it under windows 7, I cannot access it except in the command window and it does not appear under Mac OS 10.6.

I tried to delete it: not possible. W7 reports “error 0x8007010B”.

In command line of W7 I cannot delete it by RD command which reports folder not empty but I can go in. DIR command shows another folder “folders.501”. In this folder there is nothing listed when requesting DIR but also it cannot be deleted as this folder also reports “not empty”. RD command with /S shows that there is another strange folder in, which is not listed when DIR.

What is this and can I make it disappear or not?

Thanks for the hints …


Do you have other computers running OS X too?

Is hide hidden files / folders in your Win7 machine disabled?

Yes, there are tons of garbage looking files / folders especially after 1.02.10, but some should not be touched as it might screw up your NAS OS, ie; Linux or whatever.

Leave them alone or you can SSH and get rid of them. But be aware they will be BACK!!!

Yes, the don’t show hidden files is disabled on the windows machine, however the folder is not hidden on the NAS.

So instead of screwing up the NAS the solution would be to make it hidden.

But the system prevents me from doing it saying there would not be such folder…

The answer is in that post :wink: