Strange File names on mac finder(EX2 ULTRA)

Hey, this is my first post, wondering if anyone could help me as im having a strange issue with my file names in finder on my ex2 ULTRA, e.g: A1HHOW~I or EIFPU3~U)

i have OS 5 firmware and have tried rebooting everything, also would like to say one of my drives (drive 1) has given me failure recently and is asking me to back up and replace asap( which i will resolve asap), but im not sure if this is even the issue for the odd file naming.

Any help would be great, thanks !

Also RAID status says is healthy.

here is a off wall answer

  1. Shorten [long file names]) in [Microsoft]( [Windows]( 95 above. For example, changing the “Program Files” directory to the “Progra~1” directory.

File names with unusual characters, such as tildes

Files that suddenly appear with a tilde are usually [backups] of a [file] that was opened or still opened. For example, with a file called myfile.doc , when it is opened in [Microsoft Word], the ~$myfile.doc is created. It is a temporary backup file, used to recover data if the software [crashes]( or stops unexpectedly.

These backup files are commonly created in the same directory that the original file is in and are usually [hidden files]. Also, these files should be automatically deleted after the file or program used to edit the file is correctly closed.

Someone may remember more that can help