Strange Error

First of all you should know that i am running windows Vista with the WD 1TB ‘My Book’ and have tried repairing, reinstalling and updating the software already.

The issue i am having is that every time i start WD Anywhere Backup i get this error message:

Assertion Failed: Abort=Quit, Retry=Debug, Ignore=Continue

at MemeoMain.LoadDetailPanels()

at MemeoMain.UpdateStatus(StatusCode status)

at BMUMonitorShell.ShowMemeoMain()

at BMUMonitorShell.ShowBackupMonitor()

at BMUMonitorApp.DoMain(String args)

at BMUMonitorApp.Main(String args)

The thing is, once i click ignore, the software seems to run completely fine. I am mostly worried about any background errors this problem may be causing or whether this error could causes problems to the software or my backed up files in the future.

Any explanation or advice would be greatly appreciated 


You get any resolution on this?