Strange error on EX4 display

Has anyone seen the display show the word “failure” on the second line. Nothing else. Any suggestions on how to figure out what the device is reporting failure on? Logging in I don’t see any type of errors. This EX4 has been a great device over last couple of years with minimal issues and reasonable backup speeds.

I thought of powering device down and restarting device but I am in the middle of a ridiculously slow backup of a Mac running Sierra. It is backing up approximately 3 GB per day across a 1Gbps wired connection. This is the first backup under Sierra and I was going to start working with Apple to see if the Mac has any issues with Sierra working with my EX4’s.

Any suggestions of where I could find out why the device is reporting failure?


If you are able to access the dashboard of the unit, please check the notifications to see if is a power supply failure or a volume failure.