Strange effect with raid5

A few years ago I have purchased a new workstation of HP. Once all my programs where installed after a few months my C-HD broke and anything is lost. I decided to install a raid 5. I bought tree WD Plextor 300GB disks. Everything installed properly and one disk failed. Returned to WD got new one, again one disk failed and so on for 4 times. I couldn’t believe the disk where broken. Checked the last failing disk, disk was OK re-entered in the raid 5 and everything was OK.

This was happen again 3 or 4 times and no one time again. Raison? Where the HD’s to fast for my raid controller and after 6 months or later the disk where not so fast as when they where new and not anymore too fast for my driver! Is this explication plausible or not. If not please clear it up for when I am purchasing a newer system. Thanks anyway. Chris

Western Digital and Plextor are different hard drive manufacturers. It is not recommended to use different hard drives in a RAID environment due to performance, fabrication, physical specifications, and firmware differences between brands and even between different families within a same brand.

I would recommend either replacing all Plextor drives with matching WD drives -or- your WD drives with Plextor hard drives based on your convenience.