Strange disk model: Red drive showing up as Purple?

I recently purchase two WD 6TB Red drives and plugged them in my Synology 1515+.

What I noticed is one of them is showing up as:

where as the other:

I’ve checked the serial numbers on WDC and both are valid products with proper warranty, on the WDC serial checker it reports both as Red drives. I’m just wondering what is up with this? Are Red & Purple 6TB drives the same hardware?

This is not a normal occurrence. Since both units are already within your NAS unti then removing them to check the labels is not ideal, but it’s something to consider since there could be a label issue or a Serial Number typo identifying the wrong hard drive.

If all info is correct then I’d recommend contacting WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

Thanks, I’ll contact WD support.