Strange Behaviour

Hi all,

first of all, let me describe my setup to get a better understanding:

part of my home network consists of:

2 x 4TB WD Share Space NAS, each connected to the same switch with GigE cables, Ver 2.2.91

1 x Asus PC (one of the latter models, more than capable) and also connected GigE on the same switch

1 x Apple TV connected on same switch 100MBE (I have 3 more apple TVs throughout the house, 2 of them are the old hotplates with HDD, the other 2 are the newer smaller black ones, like the one connected here)

1 x Samsung TV LED 55"" conected 100MBE on the same switch.

I am using the latest version of Itunes on the PC to feed the Apple TVs, I have the Itunes on the WD Share disabled.

The PC (as all other on the network) use windows share to connect/remap the WD Share drives/volumes

Hence, the WD Shares are solely used for storage if that makes sense?!

1st issue :  

When I had Twonky enabled (by now it is disabled and no longer loading on boot) I tried to connect with my TVs DLNA option to the WD Shares. I saw the directories/movies but once I selected one, it would take some minutes before the TV rebooted? I copied the same movie over to the PC (public directory) and watched the movie using Samsung DLNA no problem…hence, I gave up resolving this issue and disabled the Twonkies so I’m not using DLNA :frowning:

2nd issue:

I’m selecting Music (mp4/aac bought of Apple store)on my apple TV  to play back via my HiFi and the Music would randomly (every 3-5 minutes) stop and pause for some seconds. Very annoying if you enjoy listening to Music!! I attempted to play the same song on the PC speakers through Itunes, same result (and not only on the one PC). It also doesn’t seem to be a particular song, any song will inevitably pause/halt.

I tired the following and it resolved all playback problems: Copy Song to PC, import in Itunes and play it or stream it to Apple TV etc etc… no issue at all, hence, the songs are not at fault.

I further rebooted the WD Shares… same issue on reboot

I shutdown the WD Shares, waited some minutes and switched them back on again… voila… all worked 100% fine, no more halting, no more pausing… sometimes… like 1 out of 4 reboots!  But yes, sometimes I got it right somehow and it streamed happily until… well… it stopped again, sometimes a day later, sometimes it went o.k. for some days before starting to hickup again.

What is even MORE annoying is, that when the music starts hicking, stuttering I go to the apple TV and select a movie from the PC library (which is also stored on the WD Shares and they would play, without a hickup!!

That is what really baffles me now, why would movies “stream” fine to the apple TV via the PC’s library, but music is stuttering, pausing?

Don’t tell me about network utilisation etc etc, I eliminated all that during my trials. I also don’t seem to have a problem with the WD Share speeds which so often seems to be the topic here. From this particular PC I copied a 2.7 GB movie to the PC’s HDD and got an average of 23-25 MB/s read and when writing the movie back I got 13-15MB/s write. If I compare that to a super duper LaCie also connected GigE on the same switch, the data is more or less the same. But the Lacie is a 2GB drive and the WD is a 4TB RAID 5.

Since my music (some 150GB) is now on the LaCie drive, I no longer have any hickups playing it back via Apple TV to HiFi set.

If you could just resolve the DLNA mystery as well as the music streaming hickups, I would be a very happy customer …(again) and I am considdering a 8TB drive to be added shortly.

best regards


Hello friend,

What happens to the behavoir of the sharespace when it is not connected to a switch?

Also have you tried calling wd tech support on this issue.?

Hi Lawrence,

no, I have not spoken to WD support about it yet, I hoped to find an answer in some sort of knowledge base, I surely cannot be the only customer experienciing this issue.

In regard to your suggestion to bypass the switch!? Do you mean to connect the WD Share via X-Over cable to the PC? It doesn’t make much sense as both WD Shares are behaving the same!  BTW, I do have 6 Gigabit Ethernet switches at home, and yes, I tried another port/switch to eliminate the possibility of faulty equipment. Also do the switches not show any Ethernet errors or collissions, also no delay or excessive broadcast during th emusic streaming. From a switch point of view there seems no issue.

Could it possibly have anything to do with how the WD Share handles/reads smaller files ? Some sort of read buffer/sector issue rather than a LAN issue?

best regards