Strange audio/video sync problem


I have the lastest release of everything…

I recently bought some Flash Gordon serials on DVD.

I ripped the rascals to disk using Handbrake. ( h642 mkv containers).

All three of the serials play fine in VLC and one of the serials played fine

in the WDTV Live, however the other two have severe audio sync problems

making the videos unwatchable on the WDTV Live.

If I rerip the serials using MakeMKV into mkv containers the serials will play

on the WDTV Live ( but they are twice as large,).

I have used Handbrake to convert a number of my dvds and these (Flash Gordon)

dvds are the first dvds that have the terrible sync problems.

Is this a common problem?

Thanks for any info…


Yeah, it’s pretty common.  We’re waiting on WD to fix the whole MKV issues.

What’s new the piece of junk called WDLive screws up doing something else and WD doesn’t fix it. Money well spent

sync issues are caused by the encoding process.

Not necessarily…  

Well, technically, you’re right…  It’s the encoding that’s EXPOSING the problem, but the root of the problem I describe below is definitely that the WDTV doesn’t properly support Variable Frame Rates in MKV containers (maybe in other containers, too.)

yrrej:   Set HandBrake to encode using a FIXED FRAMERATE  (it’s in the VIDEO tab.)  Set it to match what the other movies are successfully playing.

IE, if the files that work are 23.976 fps, set Handbrake to encode at that speed instead of leaving the default “Same as Source.”  

If that FIXES your issue, then voila, another example of broken WDTV.     If it DOESN’T fix your issue, then there’s something else going on.

The DOWNSIDE to this, is that your files will either expand in size (if the native frame rate is slower than what you select), or the video will become slightly jittery (not too bad, but it’s noticable.  )

Please post your results…  There’s several requests for that fix in the Ideas Lab; find one and VOTE FOR IT.  :)