Storing on my PC as well - its doing it - how do I make it stop?

My backups are not just storing on the cloud drive, it is storing backups on my laptop as well. How do I make it stop? It is really eating up my laptop storage. I only want it to sync my laptop with my cloud. Thanks!

@DavidStarr What backup program or sync program are you using? How did you set them up and on how many devices? Have you read the User Manual for your device?

Have you checked the Knowledge Base?

Yes, I have checked everything I can think of. I am looking for the command to remove the backup from the laptop and to only backup on the cloud drive.

I am using only WD Sync. Only one cloud and only one laptop & 1 android phone (phone is doing fine). Its storing everything in a directory called .WDtemp on the laptop.

WD Sync is not a backup program. WD Sync will sync/copy the contents of one folder/location on your computer to a location on the My Cloud. It will then make sure both locations have the same files. If you delete a file from the computer it will delete that file from the My Cloud.

If you want a backup program then look at WD Smartware which can be downloaded from the WD Support site (, or use a third party backup program (either free or paid).