Storing my My Passport Ultras


I have several My Passport Ultra 2TB and 3TB drives which I use for back-ups of primary data. All are performing well.

I back up my files regularly, but not every day, so I want to store my drives where they are readily accessible but take up as little space as possible.

The ideal space-saving solution would be to store them vertically, that is with the drives side by side in a storage container, but upright on their narrow edge. However, I am conscious that the drives are made up of many carefully-calibrated moving parts and to date, I have generally had them sitting flat - horizontal.

Is there any issue - risk to longer-term performance - from storing the drives upright rather than flat?


Hi PeterProg,

You can place the My Passport Ultra upright but make sure to check that there should not be any movement during data transfer process or while it is in use.