Storing metadata on network drive

Hello everyone,

Just got a WDTV Live Hub and am having an issue with the “Get Content Info” in the context of a network share. The main issue is that it doesn’t appear to be creating a .wd_tv folder on the shared drive. I know that the login I use for the shared drive has read/write access because it’s the same one I use on my computer, so I don’t think that should be the issue.

The symptoms are that once I “Get Content Info” for a given movie, it’s successful (the genre is stored somewhere at least) but when I look at the movie in a certain view I get a bunch of N/A’s for Year, Total Time, Actor, Genre, etc. just like it had never gone through the “Get Content Info” process. Looking in the movie folder on the network there’s absolutely nothing new written there.

Anyone have a suggestion for me? I’d like to continue using this device, but if I can’t store the metadata then it’s a dealbreaker - all of my movies are archived on an 8TB media server on my network.

Thanks, Matt

I’m not sure if Media Server content is treated differently but on my Network Shared drive whenever I “Get Content Info” there is a movie_name.jpg and movie_name.xml file created on the drive with the movie. The .jpg is the movie poster and the .xml contains the Metadata. Can you share the drive as a Network Share instead of Media Server Share and see if it acts differently?  

Right; there’s not a .wd_tv folder created on the drive; it’s all just stored alongside the movie files.

If you have another PC handy, try using IT to log onto that share and see if you can CREATE files.

I can assure you that it DOES work, as long as everything is set up correctly.

It’s a network share on a “media server” (Windows Home).

Yes, I can most definitely modify files using the login I provide the Live Hub when on my computer.

I should add that I’m a computer professional, so a lot of these concepts are familiar. If it’s not called .wd_tv that’s fine, but sorting by date and time it’s clear to see that nothing has been added to the folder where the movie resides.

Thanks for the replies so far, though!

Are you using the latest firmware?

By “Media server” (windows home)… Are you referring to Windows Home Server ? 

When you shared the drive did you use “Network Share” or “Media Server”?

We  know a “Network Shared” drive gets the data stored on the drive with the movie. There are three files associated with each movie after “Get Content Info”; the movie_name.mkv (mkv,avi etc), the movie_name.jpg and the movie_name.xml.

If you used “Media Server” to share I’m not sure how that changes things; maybe the WD TV won’t save on a “Media Server” drive.