Storing any type of files

I am about to buy a external disque My Passport AV-TV, and I wonder if I can use it to store any type of files from my computer (not only video formats), such as pdf, text,etc… I would like to use it also to backup some of my files from my computer.
Is this at all possible ?

It’s a Hard Drive … it will store any sort of files

BUT … it’s designed primarily for TV Recording, so your TV may want to format the drive in a format that is not recognized by your PC

If you only want to Play videos (Avi,Mp4,Mkv etc) from a Hard Drive on your TV and Store pdf’s, txt’s etc … then buy a standard Hard Drive … eg My Passport, WD Elements SE etc.

Thanks for your answer.
The point is that I can buy one with a 50% discount, which makes 1 To of storage quite cheap…
I understand from you answer that if I format it first on my computer, without connecting it with a TV, it should be formated as a standard external disk. So, as my priority is not to play video on my TV with it, I will configurate it on my computer.
Thanks again

If you just plan to use it as a normal hard drive, then yes, format on your PC … then it should/will be fine :grinning:

The Passport AV-TV is just designed for heavy use ie. constant hdd access.

P.S. how cheap is it ? … i would have thought other WD 1TB Portable drives would be cheaper ?

I can have it discounted online at 55 euros…
In the same online shop, the WD 2.5’’ Elements SE 1To USB3.0 is at 82 euros.

Just be sure you create files for this media ‘optimised’ for whatever you are going to put in them. In File Manager, right-click and select ‘optimise for video’ or ‘optimise for music.’