Store iPad stuff on My Passport by cable?


I would like to find out if it is possible to attach a cable from a My Passport device to an iPad using a couple of cables?? Sort of based around the usual’ Apple Lightning cable. The purpose being to save or retrieve items on the My Passport drive.

I don’t think so, but I am not sure, and I would like to find out from someone who is suitably knowledgable.

I am thinking 'what needs to power the WD Passport - can the Apple iPad supply the power, and would the cable connections be correct anyway?

I was thinking using the usual supplied Apple Lightning cable (male Lightning plug to male USB plug ) to a USB 3 Cable that connects to the My Passport (Female USB to Micro USB type B)
I’m aware that there is 5v going through so it may not be straight forward! … :slight_smile:

I would think you can save your iPad stuff to a folder (perhaps with iTunes syncing) on the computer, and then copy contents of the folder to the externa drive.

About the only thing I save from my iPad is photos and PDF files in emails. I just send/forward both to my email account, get the email on my computer and unattach things and put them on PC and then save on a drive.

If you have WD products that use the My Cloud app, it can also help you save stuff off an iPad or phone, such as photos/videos you take with the iOS devices.