Storage > Volume Status > DataVolume = Failed!

A few days ago suddnely i got stuck with my NAS driver i can’t access my data. When i go to configure page there is message like above mentioned.  However, I now have the following error, and none of my data or the volumes they were on is available over the network:

Advanced Mode > Storage tab > Volume Status:

DataVolume Span   unknown unknown Failed

Advanced Mode > Storage tab > Disk Management:


HDD 1 DataVolume 1.82 TB WDC WD20EADS-00R Good

The NAS still broadcasts its presence on the LAN, and I can log in to the settings manager without issue.

  I tried to get the data back i didn’t have any backup there is lot of my important jobs currently having finish. pls. give me suggesstion to get back my data. on internet i check some pepole said do the factory default settings. But i’m sure if i do thata my data will be lost is it correct ? i hope i’ll get positve reply from any one.

Thanks for your time.


mendissri wrote:


Advanced Mode > Storage tab > Disk Management:

I do not see these menu items anywhere.   You have a My Book Live?   What version of software?