Storage Space with warning: "Reduced Resiliency". How to identify which drive?


I have two WD Red Label 4TB drives (WD40EFRX-68WT0N0) setup as a two disk mirrored storage space in Windows 10 (Build 1903).

Upon checking the storage space I see a “Reduced Resiliency” warning on one of the drives in the pool.

As the drives are identical, they have the same description (serial numbers are not shown) so I dont know which of the two has the problem.

I tried the data life guard tool hoping it would help but it only displays the storage space as a single drive.

Is there a utility that can tell me which one is failing without removing the drives?

Thanks for your time and any info.


Hello BoardRoom,

I would suggest you to take the backup of the data and then break the RAID configuration in order to test the drive using Data Life Diagnostic tool.