Storage shows 0 after sync

I connect my seagate external drive to my media player(WD TV Live Hub) and it asks if I want to sync. Yes. It syncs and then disconnects the external drive. Fine. When I go to the video file, it says it’s empty.There is nothing in the interal storage. However, if I look in Disk Manager, it shows only 642GB free space of the 930Gb so I know my files have been loaded onto the media player’s internal storage and are using almost 300 GB of space.

How do I see my movies so I can play them without having to play them from my seagate external drive?


After syncing, try rebuilding the media library by rebooting the Hub.

That didn’t fix it.

What software came installed on it? I want to reformat, reload it and start again. Maybe I’m missing some software.