Storage and access

I bought this device as a simple storage and back up device. Thinking I could use with ease…wrong!
Plugged in a USB which was my old storage device but running out of storage.

  • it’s still backing up photos/videos when I started it 2 weeks ago
  • does not copy music files
  • therefore can’t play music
    Other apps are offered to support but you have to pay!
    For outlaying $450, a $90 dollar device works 100 times better!

Can anyone help change my mind before I take this back??

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Just a suggestion, take it back and get the My Cloud!! WDMyCloudImage

That’s what I have

I am utterly dissappointed with My Cloud Home.
I have a 6 TB version and its just is not what you can expect from WD and can never replace my regular external hard drive.

If it was year 2000 I might have appreciated the performance it offers.


You posted your topic in the My Cloud Home forum!

Look at the following and see if it helps. You probable have a 2nd generation My Cloud. Firmware 02.xx.xx.

You should post your topics/questions here.

For more about WD products use this link.