Stopped playing any video

I have had the WD TV Live for several months. It has worked fine until yesterday I tried to play a video through the network as usual. It found the network found the movie pressed enter and all I get is the spinning circle. I tried playing the movie from a flash drive same thing. I can view Pics on the wd tv. So its not the network. the firmware is up to date. I left it unplugged for several hours, still nothing. Not sure what could of happened… 

Shares or Media Server?

I am having the exact same problem as yours, although i dont play over the network, this happens when i connect any hard drive to my WD Live.i have posted questions on this forum but have not got a reply yet.

Yes, you did get a reply; you have not posted the results of your tests.

Thank you for reminding me, and no i haven’t posted the results yet as i am still at work. But when i do get home and test it i will publish the results.