Stop sharing of Public and Download Folder - How?

Hello people,

I just bought 1TB drive and connected it to the network.

I have created the users and Share folders as I need however,

There are a few extra shares that came built-in like ‘Download’ and ‘Public’

I tried to delete them from Advanced Mode - Home - Folder Shares

But it won’t let me to do so.

How can I delete or stop these folders from being shared as I dont want

other network users to mess with my drive.

Thank You.

Someone atleast help.

How has this issue come along? I want to buy a My Book Essential to share files on via my LAN network. I would like to know if it’s just as easy as a harddrive without the SmartWare (password protection) module.

To all people still searching/awaiting an answer, I recenty contacted Western Digital’ support. This is the response I got from them:

Dear Sir/Madam,

[deleted for privacy]

In response to your inquiry; when setting up the WD Smartware software it gives you the option to password protect it, this is not a requirement it is an option, to access the drive you have to enter your password first. If you remove the security feature then it will never ask you for a password.

Answer Title: How to set up security in order to lock and unlock a WD (+ SmartWare) external drive
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