Stop services, umount partions and poweroff NAS My Cloud

I have a WD NAS MyCloud - Firmware Version : 2.21.119 and for some security reasons I cannot use it properly… I leave it mostly turned off.

For many times I need to turn it on for a short period of time.

I know it runs many internal services. I tried “fuser” “lsof”… stop twonkymedia, etc coetera. When I try to umount the data partition, It is still in use.

Does some know what are these services that allocate resources in data partition… so I may stop them and run the “poweroff” command preventing failures to the disk? If I get this succesfully… will my device will be ready for use faster than this “forced poweroff”?

Is there a bash script that allow me to umount, kill process and then poweroff?

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Why not just use the “halt” command?

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Wonderfull, Tony. I searched a lot for a command like this and never found out. Lack of knowledge hehehe…
Works perfectly… The way I need it.