Stop Format Disc on My Cloud

Hello all,
as my Itunes library has become a mess (thanks Itunes) I decided to format my disc and start again however the format utility has been running for 4 hours now and only at 12.81% and I have an excellent internet connection. Can I stop this and just manually remove the files?

Format utility on a My Cloud? I have no idea what that means. There’s no such thing I’m aware of.

Please tell us exactly how you “formatted” your My Cloud.

If you instead meant that you did a Full Restore, then 13% after 4 hours is not at all unusual if you have a large My Cloud drive.

Under utilities there is a format disc button.

What specific My Cloud do you have?

The single bay/single drive My Cloud (at least first gen v4.x) does not have a “format disc button” under My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utility.