Stop creating .wdmc folders


Is there a way that I can stop My EX4 from creating .wdmc folders in every single folder on my NAS. This is just cluttering up my NAS and wasteing storage. Is there a way that I can remove .wdmc folders that have already been created?

Hello there,

We have passed this along to support. 

To stop them being created you need to disable the cloud access to the device. I’m not sure if this actually deletes them, though.

I have disabled cloud. The folders are still there. Do you know how to delete the folders?

Either manually, or there are some instructions here if you’re OK with command line SSH.

What windows do you have ? If you have windows 7 or 8 use windows search on the root of the ex4 for .wdmc

I saw that this wdmc problem was ‘passed on to support’. Can you please reply/post status of when/if solution will become available? I really liked the EX2 before it started this.

Still not clear how bad this problem is, but it didn’t used to do that. Deletion requires permission from ‘Unix User/root’ to make changes.

Note that this is similar to a Seagate NAS 220 conundrum that created a swarm of .tb files that couldn’t be deleted either. That is, unless you backed up all your data and then deleted all the .tb folders on the new strage device. (Which is what I did when I biought the WD EX2). Seagate said that I could then reformat the NASA 220 and re-import the data. They also mentioned that they weren’t going to support Windows 8, so I basically abandoned Seagate in favor of WD.