Stop Code 0xc000021a

I have been using ACONIS to clone my WD Black drives for years, usually every 2-3 weeks. Not 1 issue. I purchased 3 WD Blue SSD’s and cloned them from my WD Black drive. When I ran a reboot after a power outage or software upgrade they worked once or twice. Then I got the Stop Code and the system would not boot. All 3 Blue SSDs would work once or twice then quit.
When I went back to my WD Black drives (3 separate drives) they booted every time.
When I would clone the Black Drive to the Blue Drive again, the Blue SSD would work for one or 2 reboots then quit.
Windows 10 on a Dell Optiplex 760 with 4 m Ram
I had to keep trying and testing to see if the Blue Drives would reboot because I could not take the chance of building a large data base and then not have access to it because the drives were bad.

Hi @jbliehall,

The details shared with us, If the system shows frequent blue screen of death/black screen of death errors or drive becomes read-only.

Please be informed that if the boot sector becomes corrupted then you will need to reinstall your operating system, or try a repair install.

You can try a repair install of Windows to see if it will fix the boot record. Windows has some tools on the CD that you can use to try and repair a damaged boot sector, or a damaged boot record. Please contact Microsoft Support for help on this issue.

Make sure that the boot sequence in the BIOS is set to boot to the media that you want to boot from. If you have Windows installed make sure it is pointing to the hard drive that has Windows installed. If you are trying to boot from a CD, make sure that it is set to boot to the CD-ROM that has the boot disc in it. Please see the following KB for help on accessing the BIOS: How to access the system BIOS(How to access the system BIOS on a PC).

It has nothing to do with the boot sector. Let me repeat:
I have used Acronis for >12 years with non-SSD drives including WD and Seagate.

I clone Drive A to Drive B & C. I now have 3 drives with not only the same data but all my operating software. If I had a disk failure or virus before Acronis, it took a full day to reload all the software (after getting all the install codes together).

With Acronis if Drive A failed (which has happened) I simply installed Drive B and purchased a new Drive. I then cloned my Drive A (C:) to the new Drive and I again had 3 good drives.

With the WD Blue SSD Drives I cloned my WD Black A to all 3 WD Blue Drives and they all would exhibit the Stop Code 0xc000021a with a cold boot. Windows would loop in “You have a problem…” mode and never fix the problem.

When I re-installed the WD Black Drives they all booted.

I re-cloned all 3 WD Blue drives from the WD Black Drive and they did the same thing.

If power stays on the drive it doesn’t appear to happen. It’s only when I need to do a cold boot. But, again, the WD Black drives NEVER fail, only the WD Blue Drives.

I found out something else since my last post. If I have a WD Blue as my primary SATA drive (c:) and a WD Black as a second SATA drive it doesn’t happen. It is only when I have a WD Blue as my SATA 1 & SATA 2 Drives




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