"Stop Backup"


Very happy with my WD Passport 1TB.  Back ups via Smartware work fine but I’m puzzled by the fact that I the message that the back up has finished successfully but the button on the right says “stop backup” as if there is still activity.  I press the button and a message appears which asks if I am sure that I want to stop the backup?  I have made changes to the drive that I back up from, created new folders, moved files/folders into other folders etc )  but some of the changes that I have made, such as moving files into folders does not seem to have happened.

The light on the drive is just contninually on, acccording to the manual, which means it is idle.  I know that there is continuous back up but why have the changes that I have made not registered at all?

Thanks in advance!

If you made changes meaning moving files around on your computer, then the files will remain the same on the drive as they are the same files just on different locations.

If you added or edited files then you should give the software time to categorize and backup the files. If after a reasonable time you don’t see the backup going , try running the backup when computer is idle.

As a last resort you can update the software.

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Thanks Wizer and apologies, I’ve been away from a pc for a while…

My Passport is a backup of my music files.  On my computer I have a folder called “Metallica” and a folder called “Metallica - Black Album”.  I move the “Metallica - Black Album” into the “Metallica” file but on the drive the album HAS moved into the folder but also keeps “Metallica - Black Album”, so in effect, there are two copies. There is movement but not a true sync.  I created a folder “see if this backs up” and sure enough within a minute, it had backed up on my drive, so there is some syncing and the drive is operating.

I’ve changed some settings, altered the sleep mode from 30 minutes to “never”, maybe that has something to do with it.  I have just moved one folder and added one entry to a spreadsheet which has sent the drive into a frenzy of backup activity, despite only these two slight changes, so maybe I’m just jumping the gun. I’m going to run the back up and leave it be. See what happens.

THanks for your time.

Well this is not a Sync software. Changes done to the files will be added to the backup, but if you move files around that will not affect the backup at all.  

If you want a sync software you can search online for one.

BTW  nice album :slight_smile: