Stolen MyCloud - any chance to disable the content?

Hello everyone,

sad thing happened and burglars broke in into my basement, where I kept several electronics in between me moving to my new place.

Among others, they stole the WD My Cloud (which was obviously not connected to the internet).

Any chance I can manually block the access / disable the content on it? I have accepted the cloud drive being stolen, but would like to somehow keep these [Deleted] out of my files…

any help would be appreciated!


If remote access was enabled on the My Cloud and a user account has remote access permission and is granted full access permission to all the shares on the drive it is possible to use the web portal or the various WD My Cloud Desktop software or WD mobile apps to remove the files/directories.

Outside of that best you can do is contact WD Support and see what they might suggest which probably will be nothing other than what was suggested in the previous paragraph.