Still no UK news. Come on, WD

I’m getting increasingly impatient about the non-appearence of this unit in the UK.

It’s up at the WD store for the other EU countries.  One UK retailer has sold a few units through Amazon UK Marketplace, and they’re kosher UK units, not imports.

And yet still no news aside from that.

Contact WD Store UK, they give you the e-mail for support.  Contact support, they give you the e-mail for the UK online store.

Mods, anyone, can you please have a word with the boys upstairs and tell them it’s very frustrating.

Steve W

Seems like its only not avail in Canada and the UK… Doesnt really make any sense

argos it …

I did just that 30 minutes ago.

Picking mine up later today.

Steve W

cool when its all setup Pecker can you out some video up please.

Also an example XML file of what the WD TV creates woudl be very helpful.

I’ve never shot a digital video in my life, let alone uploaded one to YouTube.

I’ll give you as good a run down as I can.

How would I give you an ‘example XML file’?  Let me know and I will if I can.

Steve W

just copy and poaste teh contenst of one of the XML files it creates onto thsi board, if you can.

looking forward to the "good a run down "

Just picked up from Argos

Will be using this in the spare room connecting over the network to my LiveHub in the lounge which has 3TB connected via usb.

Will be interesting to see how it performs

Gone back to my LiveHub as my main player

The Live Streamer doesnt handle the many .dvdmedia files I have very well. For example, in Gallery view, you select the movie and it then takes you to a level down where the TS file is - you then have to select this. It doesnt always have the right TS  file so won’t play the movie. Also, it has trouble playing some old mp4 rips I have with respect to the AAC audio tracks.

It struggles building the media library and many thumbnails and backdrops were missing.

It will be fine for the spare room for now, until there are some decent FW updates