Still No Response about DLNA apps from IOS devices

Still waiting to hear from WD about why not one of the DLNA apps are able to see my MBL since the 2.0+ updates. Xbox sees it, all my computers see them, but none from any IOS app including Twonky Mobile. Twonky does not have MBL to even test, so they cant troubleshoot, but its obivously WD changed or modified that portion of sharing access.

I can access my MBL drive using my iPad 1.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Ever since I updated to 2.x, all of the Apps for DLNA, including Twonky, Fusion Stream on IPHONE3, IPHONE4, IPOD Touch 4 (IOS 4.x /5.0) and IPAD2 (iOS5.), do not see it as a DLNA device, but my Xbox can see it has a DLNA server and computers can see it.

What Apps do you use to access the MyBookLive ?

WD Photos works fine, but I used to be able to stream movies to all my IOS devices. I contacted WD Tech Support (again).

For videos I use:



Video Browser

Air Video

Just to name few.

Also, I have another iPad 1 that is “free”, and I use X_bmc._

Thanks. i will try to use one of those apps to access it. I really enjoy FusionStreams as it works with my other devices and used to work with my MyBookLive prior to update.

Also, Buzz Player is great.

Be aware, these are not free apps.

Yea. I have Twonky which was paid, but I have been talking to them and they dont even have a myBookLive in their setup. They are using older drives with older firmware and cannot duplicate my problem because they dont have the same hard ware nor firmware.