Still no audio playlists

It’s hard to believe that a media hub has basically no playlist ability.

The built in playlist functions are a joke.

If you build playlists from the Twonky server they will not work because the path names will point to the server address.

If you map a drive to your computer the playlists will not work because the drive latter will precede the path and WD will say “no media in the current folder” .

If you read the files to a computer library it will takes hours to get the playlist data from the hub.

I have tried windows media player, media monkey and playlist creator,  all on a wired connection.

I see people talking about hand editing paths in a playlist so they work, that’s just pathetic.

Please tell I am completely wrong and post the simple method for making the WD hub a usable audio player here.  

Unfortunately, you are as you say, completely wrong in your understanding of playlists. Not just on the WDTV devices but the way playlists in general work.

Playlists basically contain filesystem paths to media files. These filesystem paths are (in general) local to the machine/device on which the playlist was created. Except in very limited situations, you cannot copy a playlist from one computer/device to another and expect it work.

The problem is that the filesystem paths to the media files are not understood or do not exist on the target computer/device. That is why the media file paths in the playlist need to be edited when copied to another computer/device. Some playlist editors have an option to create relative paths to the media files, but those media files must exist in the exact position relative to the playlist.

You need to read more carefully, but thanks for making my point for me.

Yes the HUb should have it’s own playlist editorso that uses can easily create playlists with the correct paths. Thanks for supporing me on this!

The fact is you can create paths without editing if you view the WD hub  through a workgroup  connection because the paths will the local Hub paths.  The problem is that the scanning of the Hub takes too long.

To say that the WD has no playlist ability is wrong.  It plays playlists.  Isn’t that a playlist ability?

The Sisyphean task of editing a playlist so that the entries are relative to the player amounts to the rudimentary ability to exeute a find and replace in a text file.

Thank God breathing is involuntary.

What I said is " basically no playlist ability"

No reading playlist doesn’t cut it.

Every cheap  audio player can create and use it’s own playlist.

Why -  because  they ARE specific to each device.

As I said expecting users to hand edit playlists is pathetic. 

This is so obvious it’s not worth discussing.

Not my problem anymore, this junks going back.


 Althought you have some reason, doesn’t mean you could say this device is no good. I used to have a couple of playlist created in wimamp and this device was able to read them correctly.

They way I see this is that you have to work on your PC and then transfer your work, same way I’m doing with the movies and pictures.



dave911 wrote:

Not my problem anymore, this junks going back.



I don’t mean to insult other users, but rather to demand that WD do better.

You are right in that this is a fine product in many ways and I very much wanted to find this product usable.

If I were playing movies I don’t think playlists would be a big issue, but for audio I find the lack of this function unacceptable.

So many other features added with firmware releases and this basic function is lacking.

I am not a fan of the late Steve Jobs of Apple, but the man demanded excellence for his customers and delivered it.