Still network share issue... why?

I have Win 7 64 bit,

I have two Wd Tv Live, one in my living room and one in my bedroom,

Each Wd Tv Live has a USB HDD connected to it, one has 500gb and the other one 1.5tb

Both are connected to dsl router via lan and then the PC is connected to the same router via crossover cable.

Here’s the thing… I can see both Wd Tv Live in Windows network, one named WDTVLIVE and the other as WDTVLIVE2.

I can access the USB connected HDD from both WDTV’s within Windows,

I can access WDTVLIVE2 USB HDD from WDTVLIVE via network and vice verse,

But I can’t access windows 7 shared folders with either WDTV’s!!!

I’ve tried all tutorial out there and I can’t get it to work…

I can’t understand why I can see the WDTVLIVE in Windows network, access it’s USB HDD but not the other way around.

I had no problem at all sharing folder from WinXp Pro, but now I’m using Win 7 and I’m not going to revert back to XP just for folder sharing…

There must be some way for WD to make WDTVLIVE more network friendly, I think WDTVLIVE is for most part a great media player, but this network issue must be fixed soon… please…

I had problems as well - it seems that the default permissions of “Everyone read” are missing on the files and home sharing could get in the way.

This video got me past my problem - although some better error messages from the wd tv box would help:

I too am on win 7 64 bit ultimate.