Still Looking Fro a Reply - Gigabit Router

Hey Guys,

I konw that the 2tb NAS White Light is capable of connecting to a Gigabit router and thus make use of a faster connection, so could anyone help me choose a good (non cable) wireless router, as I am getting fed up wiyh my present o2 Thompson router and the very slow speed…or is it just me, who is not patient enough?

As always many thanks in anticipation of your help.

Steve (UK)

My solution is Asus RT-N15 with Gb ports, which I using now. May be RT-N16 will be a good choice if you want more powerful CPU and USB ports. But different people sometimes have some problems with Asus RT-Nxx series and 2.x version firmwares. I didn’t have.

Thank You Aeron

If you like another brands like Netgear or Linksys, you can be interested in Linksys E3000/E2000 or WRT320N/WRT610N (new E series must replace WRT series), and Netgear WNR3500 or WNDR3700.

Those solutions are little bit more expensive than N-15, but more reliable and preferable.

Also you must always remember that Linksys it’s Cisco =)