Still can't stream to my TV

Shouldn’t Twonky show up under Settings->Media->DLNA Media Server->View Media Players?
All I get is BubbleUPnP twice under the IP address of my phone and twice under the IP address of the PC, once under the PC name and once under Windows7/8???

On my TV (LG LE5900) the only servers shown are the 2 on my PC (WMP & Serviio).

Streaming works fine from my PC to my TV over Ethernet and wirelessly from my phone to my TV but no sign of WDCloud.

It’s frustrating when my son in NZ can stream happily from my WDCloud but I cannot.

Any thoughts???

Twonky isn’t a media player, so, no, I would not expect it to appear there.

If you are referring to the settings on the MyCloud, rather than the TV, then I would expect to see your TV listed under the list of media players.

What Settings menu are you referring to? Dashboard? Twonky? TV?

Have you got media server enabled, and media sharing enabled in the Dashboard?

Can your BubbleUPnP see the Twonky server? If not, either Twonky isn’t running, or you have a network problem.

What is going on? While I was waiting for a reply, I thought I’d install WD SmartWare to backup my PC to the WD MyCloud. No problems with the install and I was soon running a backup.
Then got your reply and looked to answer your questions. Started by looking at Settings page on MyCloud to find that my TV was now listed under Media->DLNA Media Server->Media Streaming->View Media Players. Strange as it definitely wasn’t there before. Then went into the Media section on my TV and now MyCloud was in the list.
Net result: media streaming from MyCloud to both my TVs is now working fine.

That’s remote diagnosis for you…