Stereoscopic 3D TV video_run.xml (SBS)

So… my Old (2 and half Year) Panasonic Plasma TV developed a “Panel Fault” Black Line down the Middle of Screen.
Got it replaced with a New TV under Extended Warranty.

Lots of New Features on the New TV … Including 3D Capability, so i purchased a pair of 3D Glasses to try it out.

Tried it out with WDTV Live Hub… Works Great until you have to "Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind etc… Because in 3D Mode the Hub Interface is Distorted in Stereoscopic Mode.

Theme Modification time again… Starting with video_run.xml  (i will work on options/info later … as it’s a bit complicated)

(Also for ‘Technical Reasons’ the Video Playback Bar is Gone… It can’t be implemented at Horizontal Half Width Dimensions)

All Screenshots are from a Digital Camera as there is no other way to ‘Capture it’ and this Demo is for SBS 3D (Side-by-Side)

1. This is ‘Mochi’ video_run.xml in Stereoscopic Mode on a 3d TV

2. This is my Modification of video_run.xml in 2D … Duplicate video_run code on Both Sides of Screen.

3. This is my Modification of video_run.xml in 3D … Using 3D Glasses the Image is Clear and in 3D

P.S.  Impossible to do anything about the text based ‘Stretched’ Font …

That’s cool stuff!!!

the interface is always causing a seizure. Good Job.

will this work with any theme?

im on hub corn


Yes, as it’s just a modified   video_run.xml   

Still working on ‘Options’  for selecting chaptors, langauge, time search etc.

Cant figure out ‘Subtitles’ though, have modified several related xml’s to no effect.

Did however find a cool little program called " 3dsubtitler "

Worked perfectly converting .srt   into 3D   .sub  .idx  Subtitles

brilliant so were do i put the video_run.xml?


When i finish it and upload it, it just simply goes into the Theme folder.