Step-by-step how to for successfully updating without brikcing or slow UI?

i see a lot of posts, but no clear step by step. is it burried inside a massive thread somewhere?

i’d like to go buy a 2TB or 3TB this weekend, but want to be sure i set it up correctly out of the box.

from everything i’ve read so far the most critical step after plugging it in is to NOT update and immediately enable SSH. as long as i do that, i can work through the manual update process and be good, correct?

or i guess maybe just as important, is it really even worth updating to the current firmware at this point?

Where’d you get that information? I turned on Automatic updates so it updates me automaticly with no issues (I’ve had an original MBL since about a week after it comes out) on any of my drives. Same thing with the Duo. Enabling SSH is only for some really advanced features (like manually updating Twonky) that 99% of users will never even have to think about.

Enabling SSH give you a route the the Linux operating system just in-case something goes wrong.

ardvark, have you taken a look around this forum lately? no disrespect meant whatsoever, it’s just that a lot of folks have had issues with the recent updates. just got done unboxing my new MBL. here goes nothing!

well i guess i don’t really have to worry about it since it’s up to date with latest firmware

enabled SSH at any rate…thanks

So far, not knowing any better, I’ve done two firmware updates from the UI  and nothing has gotten bricked yet.  However, I have this thread bookmarked in case something goes south in the future.  I haven’t done any command line stuff since the DOS days back in the stone age, but it really hasn’t changed much. I downloaded the FTP client and putty client linked in that thread and have just played around with them a bit so I’ll know my way around if I have to use them in the future. I also changed the root password since I have ssh and FTP enabled.