Steaming to Emby on Amazon Fire Tablet

I store my video content on my WDMyBookLiveDuo but have just bought an Amazon Fire TV media streamer and would like to use an EMBY app to stream the content to my projector.

I use a Windows 7 PC and downloaded the Emby server which allowed me to link my WD folders to their library. However when I try to connect the Emby app on the Amazon Fire (or indeed on my android phone) it says the server can’t connect.

I spoke to Plus net who provide my Technicolor Router (TG582n) and tried to PortForward the EMBY 8096 and 8920 ports but I can’t find the Amazon Fire device listed to assign them to. I am able to assign those ports to my WDMyBookLiveDuo but when I open Emby, it still doesn’t recognise my server

Can anyone suggest a solution?



I don’t know anything about Emby, and from looking at their website it seems that it is impossible to install Emby on your MBLD.  However, i do use a hardware setup basically the same as you, and I have acheived the end result your are trying to get to.  I have a MBLD storing my content which I access via an Amazon Fire TV Stick (AFTV).  The system works very well.  But it required the right software. Here is what i did.

  1. on the AFTV, I installed Kodi 15.0.  With Kodi, i now have the world’s most versitile media player, among other things. An AFTV without Kodi is a waste of hardware.

  1. on the MBLD, I installed Twonky 8.  I disabled the native DLNA media streamer, and bought a Twonky key instead.  The MBL came with Twonky, but the MBLD did not.  It’s an easy install.  Twonky is a very flexible media streamer and handles almost any type of format…

 With this system , the AFTV (Kodi) can access the MBLD content that Twonky is serving.  There is no need to have a computer running.  There was no need to open or forward any ports on my router.