Status Twonky

Hello there,

When looking at the Twonky server status I notice that it says it’s streaming. But I’m sure I’m not (anymore). Is it possible to see which media receiver this is related to? Is it possible to change the status back to not streaming and if so, how?

Twonky streaming.JPG

Hi there,

What happens if you restart the device and go to the status of the Twonky media server?

I think the alternative status is ‘scanning’. Although, when it has finished scanning, I think it does say ‘not streaming’. Until you stream the first item. After which it says ‘streaming’.

It’s not a very useful status indicator, so I ignore it and don’t worry about it…

In order not to loose my settings (sharing folders etc) I did a restart of the Twonky server via theTwonky Advanced settings. Status immediately changed to “Not Streaming”.

That’s good. But I suspect that, as soon as you stream the first media item, it will change to ‘streaming’ and stay there.