Status LED Question

I have had various troubles with the MBL.

I have now noticed that it takes about half an hour (give or take a minute or two) for the status LED to turn solid green.  Is this normal, because I seem to recall that it used to be much quicker than this?

While I am gaining experience with this NAS unit I shut it down when not wishing to access it so I can monitor what it is doing when I am present.

After a power up it takes a few minutes to get to blinking green, it then takes a further half an hour to get to solid green, during which time I can hear the read/write heads softly clunking away.  The only devices switched on on the network were the modem, router , switch and the MBL. So what is the MBL doing during this time?


I guess is booting… These units are manufacture to be running 24/7  and it take a long time to power up completely since it has to load all the protocols that it handles.

I see from replies to another similar thread that the MBL is likely also indexing media files. But surely it would only need to do that once or when the media files are added to. Or is the index file or whatever the MBL creates during this task deleted on a shutdown.
Others have also said that If you do not intend to use WD photos, WD 2 Go, or Twonky, then the media files can be put in folders other than the native shared media folders to prevent the indexing process.
When I Have more confidence in the NAS I will probably leave it on 24/7.