Static IP config not enabling

I have two PR4100 devices connected to an air-gapped network, one is for storage and the other is used as a remote backup.

I have an air-gapped workstation that is connected to a netgear 8 port switch and the two PR4100’s are connected to that switch as well.

Currently, the workstation is set to static
NAS 1 is
NAS 2 is
Subnet Mask is

Everything works flawlessly in this current config, but due to customer needs, the IP addresses need to be changed to match some proprietary hardware that will also be connected to the switch, and this hardware is configured with an IP of 11.x.x.x and SM.

I would like to change the NAS/workstation devices to the following,
NAS 1 =
NAS 2=

Here is where I run into issues. I login to NAS 1 and go to network settings to change it to static. I put in the info above, save settings, but it never changes. I understand that once I enter those changes and hit apply, I will lose connection, that’s fine, I just want it to change the IP address and subnet mask of the NAS and I will then update the workstation afterwards to regain connection. Am I going about this wrong?

The NAS will never change from the 169 IP to the newly created, static 11.x.x.x. The display never updates, just still shows 169.x.x.x, even after I’ve told it to apply the 11.x.x.x settings.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I figured it out. For whatever reason, the OS software of the NAS will not let you leave the gateway address entry blank, when setting it up for static IP configuration. I just put in the address of the workstation in there and it went through with the configuration change. Not sure why that is necessary, I don’t need a gateway, as this is an airgapped network, no router in the network, just an 8 port switch. Oh well! It’s working now!

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