Static IP address setup with Sky/Sagem Router


I have to repower my WD NAS unit everyday to give it a new IP address.

I have a WD MyBook World NAS drive ‘attached’ to a Sky Sagem wireless router- but this never shows on the attached devices section - I am therefore unable to reserve an IP address for it in the router software/config.

The WD software allows static IP ability - but the default gateway for the sky router returns as invalid ( when entering the values and submitting. Though when set as default DCHP, the router IP address is clearly there and is I have typed.

Between them, I am at the end of my patience - so any advice would be gladly accepted.

thank you in advance

Have you verified that the drive shows up on another router? This could be an issue with the router, an issue with the drive, or an issue with the cable between them - the first thing to do is narrow down where the problem is.


All hardware and cables checked - have now set static IP, still loose network connection to WD everyday

Log entry;

MyBookWorld daemon.warn wixEvent[3284]: Network Link - NIC 1 link is down.

Would appreciate any help please.


So did it work on another router or not? We need to determine where the issue is… simply saying “hardware/cables checked” is not enough information…  This could be an issue with your drive, with your router, or any number of other things…

New router and cables used - issue still experienced… WD have accepted device to be faulty and has now been returned for replacement.