Startup Failed: 0xD9


Came into work after the weekend and the Sentinel won’t start with a Startup Failed: 0xD9 error.

What exactly am I looking at here?

Thanks for any help

@Gramps is the only one I know that has mad knowledge on these dx4k nas

ya, I tried contacting him, but no go.

looks like I finally get to replace the Sentinel :astonished:

How did you make out with the docks?

they should be here from Amazon this Monday…

also picked up a WD 12TB MyCloud as a replacement for the Sentinel.

looking at using EaseUS Todo for backup automation, as it’s priced right and will write data to Google Drive and MS OneDrive (which Acronis won’t do as they want you to use their own Cloud service)

am dreading trying to recover data on the 4 Sentinel drives, will post when I try it next week

We got nearly 10 years of use out of the Sentinel, so there’s that :rofl:

free for 10 pc’s or less

I purchased the 24TB ex4100 and it’s not as accessible as the dx4000 but for its purpose this my cloud is solid :ok_hand::+1:t5:I’m working on mapping my drives from my machine to the my cloud and the os5 mobile app is slick. They made it very simple for people to use. After raid 5 I got 18TB