Starting Over With WD Backup Need Help Removing Files

I hope this is in the right category. I have My Book on Win 10 and wanted to begin from scratch so I deleted my folder that contained all my backup files (P8H77-M-PRO). Did this a few years ago and everything worked fine.

My old WDsmartware software didn’t support 10 so I uninstalled it and installed WD backup. But now when I attempt to backup I get a message that there isn’t sufficient room (I’ve got 1T but it shows that about half of it is being used – but I’ve deleted everything within the old folder and need to figure out how I can get rid of these hidden (from me) files on My Book.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi ealvin ,

In this case, may be you should reformat the drive. Follow the link below:

Thanks so much. After evacuation for Irma, I’ll get to that. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m back, safe and sound!. Do I need to partition the disk, or can I just format it?