Starting backup with existing data?

I have purchased a My Cloud Mirror to run as a Plex media server.

Currently all my media is on 2 * 2 TB hard drives connected to my computer. I have connected the drives via USB and transferred the data using the cp command over SSH

Now what I want to do is set the My Cloud Mirror to backup to the drives. I set up a backup and it started running. I noticed it created folders on the driving matching the backup and share name, i.e.


So I moved the files that were already on the disk into that folder

Unfortunately it doesn’t recognise them as being the same file so creates a new one when running the backup

I.e. if I had “Serenity.m4v” on the drive and copied it to the My Cloud Mirror then moved it to the backup folder when backing up it copied “Serenity.m4v” from the My Cloud Mirror to “Serenity_1.m4v” in the backup folder.

Is there a way to get around this, seems a waste of time copying all the data back off of the My Cloud Mirror when it is already on the drives (not to mention it will take ages for the first backup)

Ah, I figured it out.

I just used rsync to sync the timestamps back from the My Cloud Mirror

rsync --times --size-only -r -av /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Media/Movies/ /mnt/USB/USB1_d2/


rsync -r -av /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Media/Movies/ /mnt/USB/USB1_d2/

After that the backup recognises them as being the same file, presumably because the backup actually just uses rsync so because I used cp rather than rsync to initially copy the files from the USB drive to the internal drive the timestamps didn’t match

Sorted :smile:

I’m glad you were able to work this out.