Start-up to video wall

Is there anyway to get my WD TV Live Plus to go directly to the video wall when I power on the device?

I like the unit, but it is a pain having to thru all the steps to get to my movies.

All the steps?   Pressing one button?

yes, power it on and away you go, or maybe one click.

I was being sarcastic. 

It *IS* one click.  Well, two if you consider turning it on as a click.

Power it up, wait for the menu, press OK.


I have to power up, select Video from the main menu, then Network Shares, then my drive, then hit cancel when requested for a pasowrd (after 3 clicks to get to cancel), then 3 more clicks to get to my movie files.

maybe there is  a better way and i just need to set it up

but for now, its a whole bunch of clicks 

Uh, yeah, if you turn on “Auto Login to Network Shares,”  when you press VIDEO, you’ll be logged straight in…

awesome, I’ll check that out, thanks

auto login works great, a few steps eliminated

anyway to input a path so that when i select “Video” it goes directly to the specified path?


I built a  HTPC (Win7 - Media Center/My Movies…etc…) -worked out pretty cool but just hated the whole run a PC/OS just for access to my ripped movies. WELL looked into the WDTV LIVE deal, picked one up and really dig it so far, heres my issue which relates to this thread:

I have a DLINK NAS, it forces me to have a folder called “VOLUME_1” and put everything in it…I have a folder called “Movies” that I used with my HTPC on the NAS. Right now the only way to get to the “Movies” folder is go thru ALL these folders on the WDTV box  once powered on:


I really have to do ALL that selecting/OK button? I have to click about 6 times just to get to the “Movies” folder. I wish I could just press “Videos” from the main menu and get right into my “Movies” folder…will this will ever be possible?

I understand the last 3 clicks are kinda my prb but 3 before it seem kinda dumb. Am I doing this right?