Start-Up & Support Quality (user friendliness)

Been using Western Digital for years. And like most IT stuff - many problems are solved thru trial and error in the learning process. However, I do think things could be a lot easier for 1st time users if mfrs would not expect you to get most of your experience thru osmosis and trial and error!!
Got aggravated with WD support - and tried Seagate - made WD not look quite so bad!:wink:
Seagate Support Feedback 011716 on an issue.
(Will spare you those details of that particular problem, but had a suggestion)
Just curious; have you ever considered taking an average person off the street and see how user friendly your start-up instructions and manuals are - absolutely on their own!?
In fact, a real eye-opener would be to put 2 of them side by side - the other one using WD!
Try it sometimes!
Like most puzzles - they seem unsolvable till someone shows you how - then they’re really very simple! You just need very simple directions - say a logical, common-sense keyword search!
A good example, try having them find the drives color coding scheme - whose listing doesn’t even match the colors shown - easily!
Just sayin’!!


Thank your for taking the time to share your thoughts. I will pass this along to the proper department.

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