Start up chime

Start up chime on imac no longer comes on at start up after installing MY Book for Mac, using Snow Leopard, any ideas ?

The drive should not affect the startup chime. The only ways that I’ve seen people disable that sound is by using applications to mute or decrease the volume of that sound.

I will suggest for you to check if there’s any other software that you might have installed  recently.

Have try disconnecting the drive from the Mac ?

Also check if the Mac volume works, if you mute the Mac before startup it will not work.

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Thank you for your reply, I have not installed any other software and muting the sound has never worked. That chime has always no matter what I have tried always been there. I did run Disk Utility and everything seems to be working fine, I have not tried to disconnect the drive but as long as everything is working I might leave it as is. Thank again