Start-up application was deleted

Hi. I just bought WD My Passport Ultra 2 TB. However, when I tried to format it to exFAT, I have to format and erase all the data in it. Accidentally I deleted all the start-up applications from WD (WD Apps for Mac, WD Apps for Windows, User Manual, Backup, etc.). All the files that was contained in the start up of my hardisk was deleted. I am a liitle bit panick now because without that application I can’t back up and install apps for mac or windows. Can you help me? Maybe there is a way to get the start-up data/application back?

I am also wondering how to set the backup in my harddisk automatically. Thank you.

Hi, you can get all the information that was on the drive from

What kind of backup you want to do? The reason for my asking is that you might use WD’s software to accomplish it or maybe a third party software might be needed.