"Start system now" taking forever then "503 Server temporarily overloaded"

I recently tried to convert the RAID system to span and had a problem, them I changed the order of the 4 HDDs then I RESET the WDSS via the reset button… i am trying now to connect to it and it taking forever showing “Starting System now” and the progress do not exceed the 10% in about 30 mins then showing the Error message  “503 Server temporarily overloaded”  and thats it… no more web interface and no more progress showing… I had to restart the system to show the web interface untill it reach about 10% then the “503” error shows again … its a loop and i cannot get out of it so please help this is getting my nervs out.

this is the url showing while starting the system

I may entered a booting loop for some reason, 

After some reserches on this forum, this solution is found. and wanna share this for you all 


Hi there,

i have problem regarding my 4TB WD Share space, it dosen’t start and the mmessage ‘‘starting system now’’ is taking long time.i saw your comment but i didn’t get what should i do exactly,

can you help me and tell me what is it about, what should i do and how long it takes time to reach back my data.

please this is very important to me and my business depends on this,i have already restarted the system few times but everytime the same message.

is there any chance to recover the data?



did you change or remove any of the HDDs inside the WDSS?

The solution I already posted was for a currupted Raid setting and it will remove everything from the HDDs and re-create the RAID settings

yes i did remove the HDDs.but for now i just badly need my data.do you have any idea about this?coz i dont want my infos get deleted.

my HDDs was RAID 1 also.

thanks for your reply anyway