Start problem SSD WD blue 500gb

One day it was not possible to boot, the problem arose suddenly, I did not do any manipulations, there was only one ssd in the system, I use only licensed Windows and applications.
It was possible to boot after the following steps, go to the BIOS, in the boot configuration section I selected the boot sector (mbr / gpt) recovery policy and selected the auto recovery value, but after the next start the problem appears again, you have to do it again.
Is it worth worrying or nothing serious? I’ve never come across something like this, do I need to do something after that?
I will very much forgive you to excuse me, I do not know the language and I am writing you from a google translator.
I want to believe that you will help me, I’m not sure if the problem is in the ssd itself, but I don’t know where to turn, sorry.


If Windows has been booting as expected with the external drive connected for some time; and this issue only recently began, it is best to check with the PC or motherboard manufacturer for available BIOS and Chip set updates, along with Windows service updates and patches. Validate this issue did not begin after a new software or hardware installation on the PC.

Request you to test the drive health status through Western Digital Dashboard: