Start a movie on the WD TV Live remotely?


To increase the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) in our home cinema and making it easier to pick a movie, I would like to be able to view our entire movie catalogue on e.g. a tablet / smart phone / other touch screen device and click play to play the movie on the WD TV Live. I dont want to stream it from the touch device but I would like to instruct the WD TV Live media player to start playing the movie, just like if I did it with the WD TV Live remote.

Is that possible somehow?

Thanks in advance.



DLNA UPnp software will (should) do what you want…

eg. BubbleUPnP (below is a screenshot of the old Android version)

Select the “Source” of where your Movies are   aka. Local Media Server

Select the “Player” which will play the Movies   aka. Local Renderer

So, this setup … my Tablet is just acting a Remote Control to browse movies located on my WDTV Live Hub and the WDTV Live Hub is the Player as well (connected to the TV)

MediaHouse Pro UPnP/DLNA (Android) will also do the job (and it prettier) :smiley:

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Hi Joey,

Thanks for the prompt reply and your suggestion :-) I always thought that the DLNA server would transcode the content and the player (being the WD TV Live box in this case) would then play the transcoded streamed content. Isn’t that the case?

I would like that the WD TV Live box would play the content directly from our NAS, just like if we were using the remote control for the box.

Do you know of any solutions for either Linux or iOS? We don’t have an Android device and we’re not going to get one.

Thanks again.

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The above examples are not transcoding anything … the apps via network connection are acting as remote controllers

liberalis wrote:    do you know of any solutions for either Linux or iOS? We don’t have an Android device and we’re not going to get one.

No, i have no Linux solutions (well, i guess Android is a “Linux” variant)  …  I don’t own anything iOS / Apple … and never plan to

Hi Joey,

Allright, I’ll try to find a capable upnp player for iOS or Linux then. Now I know which path I should follow.

Thanks again for your prompt help :slight_smile:

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No probs … Lars

You just gotta try things and tinker with things to see if they will do what you want

I would recommend google’ing and reading lots …

(good thing about Google Playstore (Android Apps) … they offer “free versions” and “pro versions” PAID … yep i purchased BubbleUPnP & MediaHouse)

Here’s a forum link a quickly found (i did’nt read it) but it may be of some use… ??